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Hello and thank you for visiting! I'm Angela, the sole proprietress behind Brass&Pebble. My motto is "minimalist jewelry for magical people." In addition to my specially curated charm earrings are my signature hand-forged designs that are drawn, cut, formed, hammered, filed and drilled by my own two hands. My favorite piece of equipment is my antique anvil that my husband's great-grandfather made out of old railroad track. By hammering on it's surface I achieve a unique, delicate texture that is reminiscent of lichen or moss.

My mission is to create small batch adornments that are intentional and magical with a minimalist aesthetic. I am a  longtime lover of nature, fantasy, myth, astrology, and the occult and you will see these themes peppered throughout my work.

I have been an artist, maker, and DIY enthusiast for as long as I can remember.  On May 1st, 2020, I also became a mother to my Beltane baby Cora Mae. She is now my full-time job but when I'm not being a mom or making jewelry I can usually be found involved in some sort of kitchen-witchery, practicing yoga, tending to my many houseplants or reading fantasy series cuddled up with my two black cats Salem and Nettle.