Hello and thank you for visiting! My name is Angela Rose and I’m a self-taught jewelry artist and the sole proprietress behind Brass&Pebble. Most of my pieces begin as a plain sheet of metal or a spool of wire which I cut, shape, and hammer into my various designs. My favorite piece of equipment is my antique anvil that my husband's great-grandfather made from old railroad track. By hammering on its surface I achieve the unique, rustic texture that is signature to many of my designs. My aesthetic is inspired by folk art, art nouveau, art deco, and minimalism. The themes of my work range from flora and fauna to celestial bodies to the occult, my Jewish roots, as well as simple, staple designs for any occasion and everyday wear.

I was born in Montana, raised in Wyoming, and now reside in Tennessee with my husband, our daughter, and two black cats. I am a full-time mother in addition to Brass&Pebble but when I’m not parenting or making jewelry I can usually be found cooking, baking, enjoying the outdoors, reading fantasy, or watching teen dramas.

Thank you for being here and supporting my small business! It is truly a blessing and honor to create your adornments ♡