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Hi! I’m Angela, the one-woman show behind Brass&Pebble - which evolved from a rock collection.

I was born in Montana and raised in Wyoming by a mother who's an artist and a father who's an avid outdoorsman. I grew up exploring the outdoors, filling my pockets with unique stones and other treasures I found along the way, and developed a deep love for the natural world. Brass&Pebble began after I moved to Tennessee in 2014 and started making wire-wrapped pendants with some of the unique stones from my personal collection. Soon thereafter, I started teaching myself different jewelry-making and metal-smithing techniques that transformed Brass&Pebble into the finely handcrafted jewelry you see today! 

Each piece of Brass&Pebble jewelry is crafted by my own two hands from start to finish. Nothing is prefabricated - I cut, form, hammer, file and drill each metal component myself. My favorite piece of equipment is my antique anvil that my husband's great-grandfather made out of old railroad track. By hammering on it's surface, I achieve the unique, delicate texture that is signature to many of my designs. 

I have been an artist, maker, and DIY enthusiast for as long as I can remember. When I'm not making jewelry, I can usually be found involved in some sort of kitchen-witchery, practicing yoga, tending to my many houseplants and garden or reading fantasy series cuddled up with my two black cats Salem and Nettle.