Welcome to Brass&Pebble! Enjoy free shipping on US orders of $100 or more ♡
Welcome to Brass&Pebble! Enjoy free shipping on US orders of $100 or more ♡
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materials info & care

Brass is an alloy of mostly copper and some zinc.

.925 Sterling is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper.

Gold-filled is a thick layer of gold that is bonded to a base metal, usually brass. It is hundreds of times thicker than gold-plate or vermeil and will not chip or tarnish.

Gold vermeil is a thin layer of gold that is electroplated over sterling silver.

Gold-plate is a thin layer of gold over a base metal.

Gold or silver tone simply implies the color of the metal, but does not contain any real gold or silver.

For more info on gold-filled, vermeil and plated, I highly recommend this article:

Vermeil Vs. Gold Plated Vs. Gold Filled - Which is Better?

I do my best to accurately identify all materials used in a piece, but I cannot guarantee this with some of the vintage pieces I sell. Please know if you are sensitive to any metals and shop accordingly - I cannot be held responsible for any reactions that may occur due to skin sensitivities. I can do nickel testing on pieces by request - email me at brassandpebble@gmail.com


  • avoid getting jewelry wet
  • do not wear jewelry to sleep, shower, workout or swim
  • store jewelry in an airtight bag or container in a cool, dry place (NOT the bathroom)
  • polish periodically with a sunshine cloth (only for solid brass, sterling and gold-filled items, do not use on anything plated)

Both brass and sterling naturally darken over time and will tarnish when exposed to heat and humidity, although silver usually will tarnish more slowly than brass. This does not harm the metal and actually acts as a protective layer! If you enjoy the aged look of patina created by tarnish, you can simply let it do it's thing. To keep your jewelry bright and shiny, follow the care instructions above.

There is a slight chance brass will turn your skin green due to the high copper content. This is completely harmless and temporary - some people even believe it has healing properties! Whether or not you turn green is largely due to your individual chemistry and can be avoided by following the above instructions.