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lucky coin zodiac necklace

lucky coin zodiac necklace

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These beautifully detailed vintage coins have been turned into pendants to bring you luck whenever you wear it! 25mm coin on an 18 inch chain available in either silver aluminum on a stainless steel chain or gold bronze on a brass chain. If you'd like a different chain length (anywhere from 16-24 inches) please specify in the cart notes and I"ll adjust it for you!

*While I only source pieces that are in excellent vintage condition, they are still decades old and may show signs of wear, adding to their unique beauty and charm.

*Add a Sunshine Polishing Cloth or Brass&Pebble logo sticker to your order!

*Sending as a gift? Include a gift message in the cart notes and I'll include it with your order sans receipt! Please write the message exactly as you'd like it to appear to the recipient.

ARIES - the ram
march 21 – april 19

TAURUS - the bull
april 20 – may 20

GEMINI - the twins
may 21 – june 20

CANCER - the crab
june 21 – july 22

LEO - the lion
july 23 – aug 22

VIRGO - the maiden
aug 23 – sept 22

LIBRA - the scales
sept 23 – oct 22

SCORPIO - the scorpion
oct 23 – nov 21

SAGITTARIUS - the archer
nov 22 – dec 21

CAPRICORN - the goat
dec 22 – jan 19

AQUARIUS - the waterbearer
jan 20 – feb 18

PISCES - the fish
feb 19 – march 20

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